My Darling is a Foreigner




国際結婚※マンガにっき ダーと私とウー。

I finally got around to scanning a bit of the books. I posted the pictures on one of my sites because it’s easier for me to just upload all the pictures at once rather than have to resize/manage file size and individually upload each of them here. If someone wants to do it (easier with moderator access maybe?) feel free to save the images from my site and reupload them here (hotlinks won’t work).

The book is split up into smaller stories and such, but they occasionally run into one another so if something seems cut off, it’s probably where the story I intended to scan ended and a new story began and I got sick of scanning (the scanner being all the way on the other side of the room from the PC and all ). I numbered the images 1-1, 1-2 and such indicating Story 1-Part 1, Story 2-Part 2, and so on. My gallery program has the stories out of order, but the individual parts are in order, so you should be able to just read through them in the order the gallery presents them.

Also pay no mind to the site they are on, there’s really not much of anything there yet and I’m still in the middle of actually setting the site up (along with several others that I haven’t really touched very much in the past year ), there might be a handful of interesting videos or something there, but I can’t even guarantee everything is working yet (or still for the videos).

Anyway, the books aren’t too bad, as I mentioned before. There’s a little bit of the normal “we are this way, they are that way” type of over-generalization and stereotyping, but it’s not really that bad and most of it is done for comedic effect. I have actually tried to pick out a couple of the more possibly “controversial” bits so people can get an idea of how bad things get in the books, but like I said, there’s nothing too terrible in there.

Actually most of the things that made me groan or cringe are from the husband (Lazlo) and not Oguri. I think Lazlo seems to have the worse tendency to over-generalize and over-simplify, and it seems that a lot of the mistaken stereotypes (e.g. all Americans buy recycled toilet paper because we are an “eco-country”) she has actually come from Lazlo and some some of the things Lazlo writes/is portrayed doing in the comics actually make him come off as a bit pompous to me, YMMV.

Lazlo has little bits throughout the book where he has a short essay on something in Japanese and I generally found them more filled with stereotypes and assumptions than the actual comics.

The scans I posted are mostly from the first book and and one bit from the second. There is a third book which Lazlo wrote, but it’s incredibly boring. More of an amateur linguistics book than anything, but there isn’t a great amount of humor in it or any particularly profound/interesting observations, so my wife and I haven’t bought any of the newer books where he is listed as a co-author.

There’s actually another similar book by a different person called “ダーと私とウー。” (Dad, me and woo) which my wife and I found funnier than these. The other book had a lot more laugh out loud moments, but it also had a lot more “yelling ‘bullshit’ out loud moments” as well, and tends to be a lot worse with the stereotypes and over-generalizations. I wanted to put some scans of it up as well, but it would be easier to single-handedly discover the ark of the covenant than trying to figure out where my wife put something away.