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Near Misses

A bunch of videos of near misses. Mostly car crashes/accidents but a few others. These people are unbelievably lucky. I’d have crapped my pants in pretty much any one of these situations.

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Piggy bank that eats your money

A piggy bank that seems to chew and swallow your money in a pretty convincing manner. Cool or just creepy?

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Gamer Rooms

Pictures of the rooms of some gamers. Big screen tvs, projectors, even a pilot’s seat from an airplane! All to play some X-box or Playstation =P

Cat that uses silverware to eat

Cat that eats with knife, fork and spoon. Pretty weird to see.

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Gaki No Tsukai Ya Arahende

These are some clips from a Japanese comedy show called Gaki No Tsukai Ya Arahende featuring the comedy duo “Downtown“. The show consists of a variety of comedy skits but generally the most popular and (in my opinion) most interesting bits are those where they play “games” like in these clips.

The game in this first clip is that the participants (all comedians) are given a topic and they have to draw that topic. The person who draws the worst, as decided by all the participants and the audience, has to play a “batsu game”, which literally means and X-game, or a penalty game. In this particular instance the “batsu game” is to take a run on the “chinko machine”, literally the “penis machine”, which… well, watch the video. They are supposed to draw a lobster and a dragon.

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Pug Bowling

Guy takes revenge against his girlfriend who sent him a picture of his unhappy dog in a kennel by playing bowling.

With her pet pug.

Pug bowling.

Don’t worry, the dog wasn’t hurt.

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Brainiac: Science Abuse Alkali Metals

Brainiac: Science Abuse

What happens when alkali metals come into contact with water?